Cannabis Cultivation and Horticulture Diploma

From seed to harvest and far beyond, employers and entrepreneurs need cultivators with cultivated skills.

The cannabis field is growing. But to keep growing, it needs growers. People like you who have an interest in high-yield harvests and hybrid strains. People who understand cultivation, but who are also ready to navigate the compliance around operations and distribution. Opportunities abound. This is your chance to get in at the ground level. 

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Program Details – 7 Month Diploma

The Cannabis Cultivation and Horticulture program provides students with cannabis production knowledge and assists with cultivation operations that align with state and federal laws that regulate cannabis distribution to licensed dispensaries.

Students seeking employment in this field must be 21 years or older and comply with regulations regarding a criminal background check. Cultivation employees will need to meet State Department of Commerce requirements to acquire a cultivation employee identification badge.  In addition, the program could prepare students for employment in the transportation, logistics and supply chain management for the cannabis industry. This program should prepare transporters to apply state laws and regulations to securely transport and track cannabis between business licenses.

In addition to attendance in all courses, students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments. These assignments include but are not limited to reading, exercises and problem-solving, projects, research, papers, and presentations. A student can anticipate out-of-class activities that equal to about two (2) hours for every one (1) hour of lecture.  Upon successful completion of the program (see graduation requirements section of the catalog), students could seek or obtain entry-level employment as a cannabis dispensary employee and/or cannabis dispensary transportation administration position.  

Students must possess a high school diploma or recognized equivalency certificate (e.g., GED), and pass a Digital Learning Readiness Assessment with a score of 60 or higher.

Students who will not be 21 years old by the time they graduate from the program are not advised to enroll due to a potential inability to find employment in the cannabis field in their state.

All students must be interviewed by an admissions representative to determine if they have the maturity, motivation, commitment and dedication to succeed in the programs they have chosen and the qualities of personality that will help make placement assistance effective.

Students who have been convicted of a crime which may affect their ability to be eligible for employment in their chosen field may be denied admission.

There is a non-refundable $50 application fee. Click here to apply online.

Program Length:7 Months
Total Hours:600
Books & Fees:$2,300

This program is asynchronous, meaning students do not meet for class at specific times; instead, students complete their weekly assignments, quizzes, tests, and discussions as their schedule dictates.

Students participate in two classes every five weeks and should expect to commit 12-15 hours weekly to homework and studying. Each week begins Monday and ends Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern, except week five, which ends Thursday at 11:59 PM Eastern.

Instructors have live, virtual office hours to provide students with academic support.

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Introduction to Cannabis
This course will discuss the basic life cycle of the plant/plant properties, and the natural origins and evolution of cannabis. Course will also include topics related to how cannabis influenced commercial, medical, ritual and religious practices in culture. 

Cannabis Cultivation Operations 
This course covers content related to cannabis cultivation center operations including cannabis cultivation, processing, transportation, and disposal, facility requirements related to cannabis cultivation, cannabis plant monitoring systems for tracking seed to sale, state regulations and inspections, and biosecurity measures. 

Introduction to Horticulture
This course provides a foundation of horticulture topics related to cannabis cultivation. This includes concepts related to basic scientific principles, botany, and the cannabis plant cycle.  

Commercial Cultivation Operations
This course provides a foundation of commercial cultivation topics. Course content includes compliance standards and licensing, facility security, packaging and labeling requirements, and storage. This course will also provide an understanding of hospitable growth environments. 

Cannabis Plant Genetics
This course covers logistic concepts including cannabis seeds, strain lineages, cross-breeding, cloning, and research testing.

Cannabis Plant Care and Technology
This course covers logistic concepts including watering essentials, cannabis machinery, grow lighting, and plant nutrients. 

Inventory Management
This course will have learners analyze the role of inventory within the supply chain. The learner will apply decision-making skills and complete activities on topics including inventory control, performance measurements, inventory flow, physical inventory management, and warehouse and distribution center management. Learners will also incorporate related technology and integrated forecasting, planning, scheduling, and transportation topics. 

This course will develop the learner’s understanding of the role of purchasing within an organization. Learners will explore basic purchasing activities such as supplier selection and management, demand forecasting, purchasing procedures, monitoring customer orders, contingency planning, and cost management. The course prepares learners to assess technology, quality, legal, ethical, and global considerations as they relate to purchasing decisions. 

Introduction to “Selling”
This course introduces students to selling and sales concepts.  Students will learn strategies for selling. Topics include: personal selling philosophies, relationship strategies, product strategies, customer strategies, presentation strategies, determining customer needs, and adapting the close 

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
This course introduces students to negotiation and dispute-resolution concepts.  Students will develop their ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts.  Topics include negotiation process, persuasion, and dispute resolution. 

Student Success Strategies 
This course explores the basic principles to achieve success in various settings including time and stress management strategies, study skills, professionalism, policies and procedures. Learning and communication methods will be explored in order to promote student success in school and in the workplace. Additionally, the student will learn basic word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software skills. 

Professional Success Strategies
This course is designed to prepare students for career success through a focus on professionalism. The course will emphasize the development of work and human resource skills and professional ethics. Students will learn how to portray professionalism in behavior, presentation, dress, and work ethic, and will also study the professional standards of their chosen industry.

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Grow Your Skills In:

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Seed to Sale

Have the opportunity to learn to grow, sell, and promote cannabis products.

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Cannabis Compliance

Understand the state and federal laws concerning cannabis production.

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Discover how to properly care for cannabis plants from seed to harvest. 

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Cannabis Chemistry

Gain expertise in cannabinoid profiles and terpenes.

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