About Us

Educating the cannabis workforce of tomorrow.


Our mission, rooted in dedication and driven by passion, is clear: to pave the way for a professionalized global cannabis workforce.

At Cannavision Institute, we’re more than educators; we’re architects of opportunity within the flourishing $36 billion legalized cannabis industry1. Our purpose is to equip the global workforce with comprehensive expertise spanning cultivation, processing, extraction, dispensary operations, business, and compliance.

Through unwavering commitment to innovation, we ensure our graduates lead the way in this dynamic landscape. With a legacy spanning nearly a century and producing graduates who excel in 40 skilled trades, Cannavision Institute, part of Stautzenberger College, is the guiding compass propelling the evolution of cannabis professionalism worldwide. Join us to be part of this transformative journey in cannabis education.

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Our vision

We see a future with greener pastures for all.

In an industry where change is the only constant, where regulations  are constantly redefined and where possibilities are limitless, Cannavision Institute stands as a stalwart beacon of trust, definitive data and transparent research, while nimbly pioneering transformation in the realm of cannabis education.

Our difference

Our dedication to ethical and educational standards is recognized.

Accreditation and licensure serve as potent hallmarks of quality, integrity, and adherence to rigorous standards.

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Unwavering Quality

Our accredited status affirms our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of our education meets and exceeds rigorous standards.

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Industry Trust

With industry-specific licensure, we’ve earned the trust of employers, positioning our graduates as highly sought-after professionals in the competitive cannabis landscape.

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Global Recognition

Accreditation opens doors to global recognition, fostering collaboration and partnerships on an international scale.

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Empowering Success

From cutting-edge curriculum to robust student support services, we empower our students for success, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the cannabis industry.

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