Cannavision Institute Programs

The cannabis industry needs ambitious, entrepreneurial and educated leaders today.

Where do you see yourself fitting in? Whether you’re just getting started, looking to expand your skills or looking to apply your knowledge from other industries to this budding and lucrative field, we have online programs to suit your interests and needs.

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Cannabis Cultivation and Horticulture

Uncover the secrets of cannabis production, mastering cultivation techniques while navigating intricate state and federal regulations. Aspiring cultivators not only gain the skills to flourish in licensed cannabis centers but also develop the knowledge to educate dispensary staff and even explore supply chain management roles. Get ready to cultivate, comprehend, and conquer in the cannabis industry!

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Cannabis Processing and Extraction​s

Gain product knowledge that aligns with state and federal regulations. Our program readies you for licensed processing facilities and cultivates skills to excel in the cannabis industry. Prepare for roles in transportation, logistics, and supply chain management, mastering secure transport and tracking. With hands-on assignments, become an expert in concentrates, processing laws, administration methods, and packaging standards, propelling your entry into this dynamic field.

Cannabis Compliance and Administration

Immerse yourself in the world of Cannabis Compliance and Administration through this comprehensive program. Gain mastery over state and federal regulations shaping the cannabis landscape, positioning yourself to excel within regulatory agencies. Elevate your career prospects by learning to navigate regulations, educate clients, and impact the industry, while honing your skills in transportation and supply chain management.

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Cannabis Dispensary Operations

Dive into the thrilling realm of Cannabis Dispensary Operations. Discover the art of managing dispensaries while staying compliant with state and federal laws. Become a leader, educating clients, mastering sales, and embracing diversity, all while unlocking the potential for a dynamic career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Dispensary Administration

Immerse yourself in patient education, mastering dispensary operations while aligning with state and federal cannabis laws. Become a licensed dispensary expert, ready to engage clients, drive education, and excel in cannabis commerce. Gain insight into inventory management, state laws, medical cannabis usage, and business management skills.

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Cannabis Studies AAS

Embark on a comprehensive journey with the Cannabis Studies degree program, delving into the legal landscape of cannabis and its societal impact.  Uncover the interplay between state and federal laws, while dissecting the influence of popular culture on cannabis perceptions. Equip yourself to dissect legislation, explore societal implications, and grasp the economic dynamics of the legal cannabis industry.