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The Cannavision Institute Advisory Board seeks to professionalize and standardize the cannabis industry by defining cannabis education standards for the next generation of cannabis workers.

The Advisory Board connects employers with a skilled workforce, paves new career tracks and creates jobs and efficiencies based on science-first, evidence-based decision-making.

Its focus is on positive employer outcomes, thriving on collaboration, resources, reach, and relationships in an industry without boundaries by bringing insight into education in the post-prohibition cannabis industry through the How we grow™ content and data platform.

Adam Abodeely headshot

Adam Abodeely, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS (He/Him)

Founder & CEO,
Adirondack Gastrointestinal & Colorectal Surgery LLC

“In the ever-evolving landscape of medical cannabis, growth manifests not only in cultivation techniques but also in our collective commitment to research, education, and patient-centric care. Success for the industry lies in fostering a culture of innovation, integrity, and collaboration that elevates cannabis as a legitimate tool for healing and well-being.”

Hirsh Jain 1

Hirsh Jain (He/Him)

Ananda Strategy

“We grow as an industry by building unlikely allies, those who may think differently than us on other issues, but that we can find common ground with and enlist into our plant medicine movement.”

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Jeffrey C. Raber, Ph.D. (He/Him)

The Werc Shop

“The trees of the future only reach their full potential when they take root in fields properly cultivated and continuously cared for. Our job as educators and industry stewards is to prepare the fields of exuberant minds and plant a diversity of seeds of knowledge within them to ultimately provide a fruitful forest in the future. We embrace this challenge and look forward to cultivating opportunities and excellence in areas directly relevant to our emerging industry.”

Jeff Ragovin p 500 1

Jeff Ragovin (He/Him)


“We’ll grow as the most successful cannabis brands make strategic decisions based on consumer data and transaction insights. As an investor coming from the tech space, I know with advances in technology and data analysis, cannabis companies can better serve consumers and help more people access the benefits of plant-based medicines. As they experience the benefits of cannabis for conditions like chronic pain or see celebrities endorse its use, misconceptions will decline and social attitudes will continue to change.”


Michael Sexton (He/Him)

Entrepreneur and Founder,
Dope Scientific

“We Grow together, or not at all. It’s been remarkable to witness the cannabis industry’s journey from stigma to acceptance, and now to thriving legitimacy. As we cultivate innovation, sustainability, and equitable access, we’re not just growing plants, but fostering a community dedicated to wellness, education, and social responsibility. I envision a future where the cannabis industry continues to blossom, fostering inclusivity, advancing scientific understanding, and positively impacting lives worldwide.”


Luna Stower (She/Her)

Chief Impact Officer,
Ispire Vape Technology

“Growth stems from connections and collaborations born of integrity, united by our shared dedication to plant medicine, wellness, and collaboration. This industry flourishes through trust, purpose, and a commitment to progress. When we stand together against the obstacles. We’re for long-term growth, with real passion and unwavering integrity, a steadfast commitment to plant medicine and personal freedoms.”

G 1

Gretchen L. Temeles, Ph.D. (She/Her)

Lipton, Weinberger & Husick

“When most people think of patented technologies and intellectual property (IP), they think of cell phones, computers, and pharmaceuticals. What entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry may not know is that cannabis and cannabis-related products are also patentable. The evolving legal and regulatory framework in the industry and the development of new technologies means that those businesses taking early steps to protect their intellectual property are likely to be at a competitive advantage as the industry matures and consolidates.”

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